Client case studies

A handful of projects to give you an idea of what we can achieve for you


Product Strategy | Social

Leading Fintech start-up, Trusek wanted a marketing team but didn’t require a full time one. Eunoia became the virtual marketing team and managed a comprehensive marketing strategy from product positioning, brand identity, website redesign, lead generation to content and social planning.

The result was a more modern high-tech looking brand, generating interest in the product and thought leadership through a comprehensive content marketing strategy.


eCommerce UX | Copy creation

We helped rationalise and create a more refined site map that focused on the customer experience for the rebrand of myNeosurf.

We took an old site that was a little bit out of date and redesigned it to be more modern with a better user experience and richer content.

There were 40 to 50 pages initially and we wanted to figure out what the customer was really searching for when logging in to their myNeosurf account.

Black Swan Data

Outbound marketing | Event management

We were asked to support Black Swan with an outbound email marketing & event strategy to support the launch of a new software platform at The Hospital Club, London.

We assisted with the email strategy, planning, day-to-day management and event delivery leading to the event being over subscribed by 140%.


Lead Generation | Event management

We discussed a drinks event for a product launch on behalf of Neosurf. This was a new sector for them and we wanted to guarantee RSVPs but most importantly give Neosurf the chance to network without being blasted with loud music.

We suggested Nike ID studio, London where for 3 hours, the team could talk and design Neosurf branded shoes. The event was oversubscribed and trainers took 4-6 week’s for production. During this time, the team kept in touch with guests and were able to build solid foundations and new relationships – a great success.

ezbob / Everline

Stand Build | Lead Generation

We managed a number of shows on behalf of ezbob|Everline from London to Las Vegas. Our objective was to create a “plug & play” strategy whereby the Business Development team turn up on the day without a worry and focused.

The teams priority was to generate leads and not get stuck talking to the wrong delegates. In order to combat, we created a front/back of house team with strategic quick fire qualifying questions – the team were then fully briefed and had specific roles on the day.


Storyboard | Video Creation

We were set the task to explain how to pay with cash online with Neosurf. Chatting to a couple of Neosurf’s merchants we felt that it was tricky explaining its benefits in words on a payments page. So we thought video and got to work on the storyboard & script.

The video proved popular amongst merchants and is now available in French, Spanish, Cypriot and Italian. Merchants embed the code in to their payments page depending on country.

HighRoller Fitness UK

Digital Presence | Business Coaching

HighRoller Fitness had an idea for a business in the UK but did not have a go to market strategy and required business and technology support. We also supported the team at expos with lead generation and a sales support strategy.

We evaluated the market and recommended a technology stack, designed the successful eCommerce site and digital strategy.


Digital marketing | Social Campaign

We were asked to devise a campaign that would drive engagement through data capture. The campaign was called Make it Happen in line with the Everline tagline and gave SMEs a chance to win £5,000 – if they told us how they would use the cash to build business further.

The campaign ran for 4 weeks across email marketing, social posts and Facebook retargeting plus PPC and directed the entrant to a unique data capture landing page.


Stand Management | Lead Generation

A last minute plan to secure stand space at ICE17 meant that we had limited options. After studying the site map, we noticed a 6x4 right next to a major entrance, plus a meeting room above – this created the perfect space & privacy required for the show.

We are great believers in good coffee and it makes for the perfect lead generation opportunity. For a scan of the delegates badge, they could have a free coffee. This created a number of  new biz opportunities and one delegate even went as far as saying “small but mighty”.