No matter how successful your small business, you probably don’t have all the answers when it comes to running and growing it.  Yes, you know your core activities better than anyone – but can you offer the same level of expertise in book-keeping, staff management, recruitment and all the other tasks that running a business entails?

Realistically, the answer is no.  If you don’t have answers those tasks they will eat into your time and become a distraction from your core revenue generating activities. There are the challenges – from legal requirements to best practices – you don’t even know about. And who is going to tell you about your own bad habits and bad decisions?

A Business Coach could be the answer.

What is a Business Coach?

In sports, the coach pushes an athlete to deliver their optimum performance, provides support when they are exhausted. They also train them in techniques and moves that their competitors do not anticipate.

A sports coach will help you run more laps and work harder than you would on your own, and identify the issues that are holding you back from delivering your full potential – and from winning.

A Business Coach does many of the same things, but for you and your business.

The good Business Coach can support and encourage you as a business owner and offer guidance, support and expertise, based on their own experience and expertise.

Do you need a Business Coach?

A Business Coach can help you in two distinct ways.

Firstly, with your tactics and skills. Any small business throws up a constant round of challenges. Some are minor. How do you deal with VAT on a supplier outside the EU? Some are major – how can you find new customers. How can you raise the funds you need for stock or marketing?

You can take a DIY approach and learn from your own mistakes. Or you can rely on your coach, who should have the expertise to give you the answers right away. They should also help you prepare for the challenges you don’t know about yet. When to expand, what to do when your biggest competitor brings out a new product that is better than yours, and cheaper.

The second way a business coach can help?  With your own performance, helping you take an objective look at where you need help, where you need to step up, and what you need to do to work more efficiently.

So, if you want your business to grow to the next level, generate more money of simply want your business to survive in a challenging market, the answer is yes, you need a Business Coach.


Business coaching from Eunoia

Business coaching helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with their marketing, technology, sales management, product management and more.

Teaming up with a Business Coach can really help fuel growth in your small business, but you’re more likely to achieve success if you first determine what you want a coach to help with, and then find the right one.

At Eunoia, we specialise in business coaching with a focus on marketing and digital technology problems, although our broad business experience allows us to provide valuable insights across your entire operation.

Our directors include experts in launching and managing award winning technology products, omni-channel marketing, and specialist solution sales and product marketing for start-ups, SMEs, and medium to large corporates. We have many years hands-on experience of all aspects of running and growing businesses.

Plus  along with our own skills, we have a network ready to provide specialist support. Why not contact us and see what our couching skills could do for you?